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Terms of Use

The below terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) apply to all the transactions between Design Project Works Ltd. (“Our Company”, website name: BILLY THE DOG; “Site”) and you (“Customer”) with respect to your access to and use of this Site, and shopping our product(s) (“Product(s)”) on the Site.
Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using the Site or ordering any Products from the Site.
By using the Site or ordering any of our Products listed on the Site, you are deemed to have understood these terms and conditions and have agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions

  1. When you place your order for your Products on the Site by filling out the form completely and clicking “Order”' button, and the transmission is completed, it will be regarded as the order date (Order Date).
    In the case of phone order, the date when Our Company receives your order and completes the necessary processing by the phone, will be the Order Date.
  2. We accept your cancellation only before we ship out the ordered Products to you.
  3. Your order may not be accepted on the following cases.
    a.when there are possibilities that you may fail to perform any of your contractual duty associated with your order.
    b.when you use false information, such as a false name, in filling out the order form.
  4. We promise to make every reasonable effort to ensure prompt shipment of Products upon your order.However, Our Company will not be liable for any loss of Products, or delay or failure to ship Products resulting from any unavoidable accidental cause beyond our control or force majeure, such as unforeseen traffic conditions, weather conditions, natural disaster, or criminal activity.
  5. In the case when we cannot execute your order due to our failure or expediential reasons, we will promptly notify you as soon as it is found out, and a full refund of the purchase price will be made promptly as appropriate.
  6. In the case when Products are sent back to Our Company, storage period at Our Company will be within five (5) days of your order.When one month passes, without any contact to us from Customer, the ownership of the Products will return to Our Company and we will dispose the Products. We will not resell the returned Products or return the payment for the Products to the Customer.In the case of repeated serious offense, it will be subject to legal measures.
  7. If Customer dies after ordering Products, the order can be cancelled through the notification by a third party or his/her family (Informer). However, if Our Company can confirm that the collection of the payment has been completed, and also that the Products has been shipped out or has arrived the address the Customer had informed us, the above case is not applicable, and we handle it as a regular transaction.If the Informer respects the intention of the Customer, the above case is not applicable, either.
  8. Our Company will not disclose your personal information which we acquire through the process of transactions to any third party for no justifiable reason, and we will not sell or transfer your personal information.

Return Policy

  1. f your ordered Product that Our Company shipped is damaged or broken, we will promptly send you its replacement or equivalent upon your request. However, this is not applicable when we find the damage has been caused maliciously.
  2. We accept returns when the Product you receive is different from your order. In this case, you should send back the Product to us by collect as we will cover the shipment cost.We will resend you a correct Product after confirming the returned product. However, it is deemed that you understand delay in delivery may occur due to unexpected reasons such as stock-out.


  1. Along with Terms and Condition of Our Company, Commercial Law, Door-to-Door Sales and Other Direct Sales Act, and Intellectual Property Law are applicable to all the transactions between Our Company and Customer.
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